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Cosmetic Injectables


Our experienced team use the latest techniques and highest quality products to ensure safe, natural-looking results... from top-of-the-line Botox to fillers, we offer a range of options to help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

At Ennove Clinic we have a variety of facials available for booking:

    •    Anti Wrinkles Botox Injections
    •    Lip Fillers 
    •    Dermal Fillers 
    •    Double Chin Injections
    •    Fat Dissolving 
    •    Sculptra 
    •    Radiesse
    •    Skin Boosters 
    •    Hair Fillers 
    •    Light Eyes Treatment
    •    Anti-Sweat Treatment 

If you are looking to reduce signs of ageing and achieving a younger and healthier look then these Cosmetic injectables are perfect for you!

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