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PRP or Platelet Rich


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy also known as the Vampire FaceLift is an innovative new treatment using plasma from your own blood, to stimulate hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation!

The procedure involves taking blood from patient’s arm that will be put directly into the specifically prepared PRP tube. The tube will then be processed in the PRP machine (The PRP is then prepared and activated).

This advanced technology is perfect for skin rejuvenation, being effective in reducing/treating:

    •    Premature wrinkles 
    •    Sun damaged skin
    •    Acne Scarring 
    •    Hyperpigmentation  
    •    Stretch marks

Some of the benefits for hair growth include: 

    •    Promoting vascularity to the hair root thereby increasing viability to the follicle before, during and after hair transplantation
    •    Promoting tissue repair and regeneration post transplantation
    •    Stimulating dormant hair follicles and growing new hair

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